About Us

Fauve Life, a company founded by Ivy Bowne in 2016, is a lifestyle brand that strives to fill each day with wonder and creativity.

Starting out with original handmade silver jewelry and a love for the beach, Ivy Bowne hand crafted and designed her signature Fauve Life silver pieces, delicately sculpted beach and sea icons.

Fauve Life expanded to leather  goods after a trip to Italy where friendships and connections were formed. This offered FL a collaborative exchange  of designs and ideas. While Bownes’ silver jewelry and the much loved Italian handbags remain a staple of the FL brand a lifelong love of the beach inspired Fauve Life Swim, debuting   in 2019.

Drawing from the past creative endeavors (a designer for a recycles accessories co. and up cycled clothing line) Bowne brings FLS to the front with updated classic swim designs for the modern woman. Gently worn oxford shirts cleverly combined with bright colored swim fabric, together form adorable bikini tops and accessories.

Find your silver charm, grab a handbag and tie on that bikini, your Fauve Life is ready to begin!